International Health Tourism

We carry out the procedures for the health tourism patients who apply to us for examination; with all aspects of the procedure such as admission, registration, diagnosis, treatment, billing, discharge, translation and intermediary institutions.

Health Consulting

In Gaziantep, we evaluate the results of the analysis you send us regarding the necessary treatments for your health problems or other procedures you want to have applied and we send you our opinions. We create the treatment options for you that will enable you to receive the most accurate service for your illness and other complaints that you want to change. We offer you consultancy regarding all the problems you may encounter during the health tourism process.

VIP Transfer

An attendant will be there to meet you at the airport on the designated day and time. According to the pre-planned treatment date, you will be transported to the hotel. If your condition is an emergency, you will be transported to the health institution by private ambulance from the airport.

Accommodation Services

Top quality hotels are arranged for your stay in Gaziantep. Immediately after the treatment decision is made, your hotel reservation process is carried out according to the date determined.

The staff accompanying you from the airport to your hotel will also come to your hotel to pick you up when it is time to go to the institution for treatment.

Translator Services

Our translators will be with you throughout the process to keep you informed. They will answer all your questions both in the transportation and accommodation section before the treatment and from the beginning to the end of the treatment.

Our Health Tourism Unit Director: Dr. Selahattin Avcı

Health Tourism Unit Staff: Derya Sır

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